Classes at Kim's Taekwon-do School 

Classes Offered​

Private Lessons
Upon joining, every student receives a series of private lessons. Usually three to four lessons are necessary to teach the school rules and basic techniques required to follow along in the regular classes.

Regular Classes
Students age 8 and up of all ranks may attend. We recommend a minimum of twice a week to make progress. Classes operate the same way each time, so students are always building upon skills learned.

Advanced Class
Offered once a month for students purple-belt and higher (brown stripe for juniors). All advanced students are encouraged to attend and practice advanced techniques and board breaking.

Pee-Wee Class
Students age 5–7 are taught the basics of Taekwon-do. Motor skill development and discipline are emphasized through fun games and exercises. Classes are held Mondays at 4:30 and Saturdays at 11:15. Call or email for more information. 

See our seasonal schedule for class times. Call 406-539-3385 with questions.

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