Family Discounts ​ Each additional family member receives $10 off the monthly rate, with a maximum of $150 per family.


Regular Class Students age 7 and up of all ranks may attend. We recommend a minimum of twice a week to make progress. Classes operate the same way each time so students are always building upon skills learned.


Making Families Strong


Advanced Class for purple belt and higher (brown stripe for juniors).  All advanced students are encouraged to attend and practice advanced techniques and board breaking.

Private Lessons Upon joining, every student receives a series of introductory lessons.  These teach the school rules and basic techniques needed to join regular classes.


Peewee Class for ages 5 to 7.  Students are taught the basics of Taekwondo.  Motor skill development and discipline are emphasized through fun games and exercises.

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   4:30 Peewee class 

   5:30 Regular class

   6:00 Regular class  

5:30 Regular class

   5:30 Advanced class   

   6:00 Regular class  

   10:00am Regular class

   with board breaking 

Peewee Classes


Regular Classes




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